Public Sector

Specializing in Civil Work

At Final Grading, the bulk of our portfolio is focused on civil projects. We’ve worked on numerous municipal and state contracts, providing an array of professional grading and erosion control services, including best management practices.

From supporting stormwater improvements to large-scale water and sewer line projects spanning multiple miles, we’ve delivered reliable solutions time and again. For us, there’s no typical project. No matter the scope, site challenges or terrain, we ensure project specifications are met in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Our Scope of Services

> Silt fence/silt sock installation & delivery

> Tree protection installation

> Erosion control blanket installation

> Turf reinforcement matting installation

> Installation of best management practices for construction sites

> Hydroseeding

> Seed & strawing

> Import/export

> Finish/fine grading for greenspace

> Harley raking

> Construction entrances

> Segmental retaining walls

> Gravity retaining walls

> Tree/shrub installation

> Sodding

> Design/build irrigation systems

> Paver installation

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